So much better late than never. This piece contains spoilers for Disney PIXAR’s “Luca”. Read at your own risk.

Poster design for “Luca” from the unfortunately-named

PIXAR has long been a godsend to parents in a world where children’s programming, while perhaps more socially progressive now than in my childhood, seems increasingly, well, babyish. The studio creates films the whole family can truly enjoy, meaning that you might even notice layers of humor and story as you grow up and watch the movies again that went over your head as a youngster. …

Vale Zmeykov on Unsplash

I am not a morning person. At all. I say regularly that the only thing I want to get up before 6am for is air travel. As the pandemic has pushed that singular motivation further out of reach, I find myself struggling with getting out of bed as early as I need to to accommodate family schedules.

Oddly, once I am awake, my sleep-addled brain tends to be more creative when it comes to idea generation. Rory (my wife) recently playfully quipped that I am in fact a morning creative.

I also find that many of the activities I find…

an androgynous drag performer
Photo by DIEGO SANCHEZ on Unsplash

About a year and a half ago, some lesbian friends of mine invited me to their home for a “Drag King Night”. As a baby butch and lifelong performer, I was excited to be included. At the gathering, I met then-grad-student Ty Ginter, who has performed and worked with DC’s Pretty Boi Drag and collaborated on a lesbian oral history project called D.C. Dykaries.

When a microphone was passed around, Ty performed a rendition of “Waving Through A Window” from the Broadway musical, Dear Evan Hansen. As a fan of musical theater since I first learned to sing “Do, re…

When I came out, someone close to me asked me if the reason I was gay was because I felt insecure about not getting enough attention from men due to being disabled.

Wow. That’s a lot to unpack.

First, it’s not true that I didn’t get attention from men. This same person once described my approach to my closeted love life as “going through boys like paper towels,” (which is, as it turns out, a baby lesbian thing). What is true is that people, boys and men in particular, were brazen in their misunderstanding of my body and my sexuality.

Photo by Zachary Kyra-Derksen on Unsplash

A few months ago, I watched the documentary Disclosure on Netflix with my partner, who has recently begun identifying as transmasculine and nonbinary. The film documents instances of media representation, positive and negative, of trans and gender nonconforming people, and discusses the real-life repercussions of these portrayals on the lives of trans people. While I am a cisgender person, I had to pause the film at least once to observe the aptness of the title and the connection between the different uses of the concept of “disclosure”.

Two relevant contexts for “disclosure” came to mind. A person in my communities…

April Crowley

I write about LGBTQ+ culture, disability justice, feminism, and arts and culture. Copywriter and editor at Editing Without Ego.

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